Post 16 Curriculum

Highfield Post 16 College has a responsibility to provide the right curriculum and learning opportunities to meets the needs of the most vulnerable members of the community, to maximise their achievements to allow them to take their place in the world. We believe that the curriculum should be student led and our students, parents and stake holders should not be expected to fit into pre-existing curriculums. Our curriculum should be broad, balanced, relevant, and meaningful.

It should meet the needs of individuals. We need to consider carefully if we are preparing the students for the life they are going to live and the adult world they are moving into.. The opportunity to live in supported accommodation is increasing so these things should be the basis of our curriculum offer, particularly as they move into Post 16 education. (‘Preparing for Adulthood’, DfE 2015 & Code of Practice 2015 Chapter 8 ‘Preparing for Adulthood, from the earliest years)

Therefore, over recent times, we have spoken and listened to the students, parents, and teaching/support staff. We have reviewed the current curriculum pathways, the destination options for our students, the cohort of students, and their outcomes to prepare them for adulthood.

At Highfield Post 16 College we aim to provide students with a relevant life skills curriculum that is tailored to meet their individual needs. We aim to build on the work that students have covered throughout school, but the focus of work moves towards allowing them to access the world outside of school. We concentrate particularly on developing students’ social and independence skills and equipping them with the life skills to cope with future adult opportunities.

All students follow a full and varied programme of activities, which includes recognised accredited awards and other awarding bodies e.g. Functional Skills, NOCN awards in employability, independent living, and personal development, and Sports Leaders Award.

Key stage 5 students increase the amount of time spent out of the classroom developing their life skills. The curriculum aims to challenge and stimulate the students and promote in them the skills and values that will enable them to lead fulfilling lives as adults

  • 16 -19 Curriculum will build on and develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding that students have gained throughout their school career.
  • The Curriculum provides challenging and exciting activities which will develop the attitudes, concepts, knowledge, and skills to enable students to maximise future opportunities for optimum quality of life and allow them to take their place, as adults, in society in a way that is fulfilling and enjoyable.
  • The curriculum allows students to take responsibility for themselves, others, and their environment and understand their place within it; thus, allowing them to develop an awareness of our ability to appreciate, control, and change the world
  • The curriculum gives students the opportunity to develop confidence, and self-esteem, foster positive attitudes and values, and express feelings and emotions in a variety of ways.
  • The curriculum provides opportunities for learning not only within the school but also within a range of areas and activities in the local and wider community. Students will learn to transfer their learning to real-life situations while at the same time broadening their experience and developing their self-confidence
  • The curriculum gives students the opportunity to recognise their right to control their own life, the right to make and implement decisions, the right to determine the course of personal events, and the freedom to make informed choices.
  • The curriculum provides opportunities for students to experience a range of post-19 provisions. They will be able to access a choice of vocational contexts which may include: the school, wider community, recreation, college, and post-school placements including further education, training, and independent and supported living and employment.
  • The curriculum allows students to make informed choices about accessing future leisure opportunities and pursuing a healthy and happy lifestyle.
  • The curriculum will ensure students continue to develop the functional skills in literacy, ICT, and maths that will allow them to work confidently, effectively, and independently in life.
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Have a  look at the Preparing for Adulthood (DfE) website for more information on the skills we are embedding into our Post 16 curriculum.