Student Council

Our Student Council …. making important decisions to help improve the school…

Autumn Term

Council Members

Key Stage 3

Skye (secretary) , Finlay (treasurer), Leith (attendance officer-group 2), Kian (press officer), William (events officer), Daisy (attendance officer-group 1), Evan (communication officer), Marley (communications officer), Allanah (Communications officer)

Key Stage 4

Tommy (secretary), Faith (events officer), Aliesha (treasurer), Nicole (events officer), Joe (communications officer), Tanya (communications officer), James (communications officer)

Post 16

Harrison Cook (Secretary), Troy Njenje Mbanga (Minutes), Robert Crosse, Jack Johnson, Max Raynor, Jamie Conway, Kyron Mclatchie, Kobain Riley, Joe Dale, Alfie Jukes, Savannah Schofield, Jack Rutter

Development Plans