Dear Parent/Carers/Students

Today marks two years since the country entered its first lockdown due to the COVID pandemic. It has been a challenging time for many reasons and with it saw it effect and touch the lives of family, friends and loved ones.

Two years on and we have also seen the vaccine program along with ever changing guidance as we move to ‘living with COVID’ as set out by the government.

In Highfield school we remain following our hygiene protocols, but we have removed the use of masks in communal spaces (this supports effective communication for our students). We are also continuing to inform parents/carers if and when their child/class have been in contact with someone who has tested positive and recommend that if your child is able to, to test regularly.

Once someone has a confirmed case of COVID this counts as day 0. They can then test after day 5. If they receive a negative test on day 6 and then again on day 7, they may return to school. If they continue to test positive, then they continue to isolate for 10 days unless they have two consecutive days or a negative test result.

Even as we are moving forward, the isolation periods continue to impact staffing in school. Wherever practicably possible we do everything we can to keep the classes open and to do so safely. Sometimes this may still lead to class closures if we do not have sufficient staff to safely cover, or enough staff with which the pupils are familiar.  Class closures remain an absolute last resort and the decision is not taken lightly.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support for pupils and staff throughout the past two years during the pandemic and also in advance of your continued support. In my own reflections today, I am extremely proud of the wonderful pupils, parents, staff and stakeholders for their resilience and support.

As always, I hope you, your family and loved stay well.

Kind Regards

Rebecca Thompson




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