Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and have enjoyed a lovely Christmas with family, friends and loved ones.

As we approach the new year and await updates from the Government regarding any further COVID restrictions, I thought it would be a good time to get in touch to remind parents and carers of current restrictions and further ones we may need to implement in the new year.

Under the current guidelines:

A positive lateral flow test:

  • book a PCR test
  • self-isolate for 10 days unless you have two negative lateral flow tests, taken 24 hours apart, the first LFT should not be taken before the 6th day of isolation.

If your child or adult is symptomatic:

  • they must remain at home until they received a negative PCR test (as it is possible to get a false negative on the LFT tests). The other household members may continue to go to school or work if they are not symptomatic.

Masks in school :

  • All staff (unless exempt) will wear masks in the communal areas.
  • Any pupils wishing to wear a mask may do so (although all are exempt).

As I am sure many of you will have seen on the news, the Omicron variant is spreading much quicker and infection rates are rising.

Unfortunately, this may lead, to some class closures. Please be rest assured, that closing classes is the very last thing we want to do. However, as we experienced last term and is reflective across the country, it is incredibly difficult to get agency staff to cover sickness (be it related to COVID or not).

In addition to this, our students can often struggle with unfamiliar adults and where staff absence is so high that we cannot adequately and safely cover a class internally then we may face some class closures.

Where we find, we do have to close classes we continue to set home learning.

Our COVID risk assessment will continue to be updated in line with any government updates and changes to guidance:

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2022.

Kind regards

Rebecca Thompson

Head Teacher




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