Our curriculum’s vision is to cater for young people with severe and complex learning difficulties recognising that each child is unique and as such they deserve an individualised learning experience to both meet their needs and nurture the best possible outcomes.

We have built our curriculum upon simple core values of ‘child first’, respect, enjoyment, and high expectations. We put the whole child and the centre of how we approach every aspect of their holistic betterment by adapting the learning opportunities and experiences to best meet the needs of the individual.

Our curriculum is highly kinaesthetic and is designed to progress Communication, Independence and Problem Solving skills through as varied a diet of experiences as possible. Our students can undertake one of 4 Curriculum Pathways consisting of SCERTS, Semi-Formal, Formal and the Blended Pathway.

Nurturing confidence and sense of personal well-being underpin each bespoke activity whilst being anchored in real-life, meaningful experiences. These are delivered through highly personalised timetables giving routine and stimulation so that each learner can grow to meet their potential at the right pace and trajectory for them.

Because each child learns differently then we must teach them differently. Adapt and flex to create a love of learning and a true sense of achievement, celebrating each and every success along the way.

Highfield’s 6 Curriculum Areas:

  • Cognition and thinking skills
  • Communication
  • Health
  • Personal Development
  • Independence
  • Preparation for work

Curriculum Overview

Years 7 -11

Including Pathways and Subject Coverage