At Highfield School we do not teach Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC) as a discreet subject in itself but rather it pervades all aspects of learning and aims to ensure our children learn to develop attitudes and beliefs that will make them well-rounded, tolerant, respectful, open-minded and informed future citizens.


Throughout the curriculum and planned drop down days we develop:

Spiritual education

  • Experiencing wonders of the world (man-made and natural) to develop fascination, awe and wonder
  • Exploring the values and beliefs of others to develop empathy and respect
  • Having a range of experiences to develop understanding of human feelings and emotions
  • Using imagination and creativity in learning to develop and celebrate individuality in expressive responses.

Moral education

  • Investigating values and ethical issues to develop their own moral principles.
  • Exploring behaviours and their consequences in order to recognise right and wrong and to make right choices for themselves.
  • Having a range of opportunities to express their own views and understand that others may hold different views or beliefs.

Social education

  • Experiencing real life social situations to develop personal qualities and social skills.
  • Participating in co-operative debate and role play that promotes the skills of conflict resolution
  • Appreciating the rights and responsibilities of individuals within the wider social setting (families, school, local and wider communities) to develop understanding of how communities and societies function

Cultural education

  • Exploring their own culture and the culture of others (locally and internationally) to develop understanding and respect for diversity, to challenge assumptions and negative stereotypes
  • Participate and respond to a well selected repertoire of cultural media and traditions in order to develop a sense of personal enrichment, an appreciation of culture, human creativity and achievement.
  • Having a range of opportunities to express their own particular gifts and talents in music, art and literature in order to develop personal creative qualities


Highfield School Interfaith Week 2021


Inter Faith Week is an occasion that is intended to celebrate the UK’s religious diversity and to strengthen ties between communities of different faiths and religious beliefs. To do this, events and activities are planned that:

  • draw attention to the invaluable work done by community-based faith groups and organizations;
  • encourage greater interaction between different faith communities through learning and cooperation;
  • develop integrated neighbourhoods;
  • celebrate shared values between different faith communities;
  • function as a gateway for new partnerships and possibilities; and
  • promote understanding and tolerance between people with religious and non-religious beliefs