Team Teach


Team Teach approach is 95% de-escalation and only 5% physical intervention.

Planned “Positive Handling” can be viewed as positive, because it is committed to keeping students and adults safe in a variety of settings. On some occasions there may be a need to physically intervene/support students in order to keep them safe or where there is a clear risk.

  • Injury, or risk of injury, to themselves or another student
  • Injury, or risk of injury, to a member of staff
  • Serious damage to property

All school teaching staff, teaching assistants and regular cover supply staff are trained in the use of Team Teach (as advised by Wakefield Authority).

Staff have an initial 12 hour training course that covers behaviour management and supportive guiding techniques.  All trained staff are required to attend a refresher training.

Our Team Teach trainers are Nicola Hirst and Amanda Sheppard.

Please visit the Team Teach website to find out more.