Measuring the Impact of our Careers Programme

We measure and report the impact of our careers programme in a number of ways.

The school works closely with Wakefield Council and captures Year 11 and Post 16 destination data each year. We work with students to encourage them to aspire to achieve a positive destination and future career pathway. We analyse the impact of our work through the destination data to monitor students transition to post 16 pathways.

All students in Key Stage 4 and Post 16 (where appropriate) complete a Life After Highfield booklet to encourage them to think about their journey once they have left our school.

All the careers events are measured for impact and feedback is taken regularly from participating students, staff and organisations delivering the events. The results help us further develop our careers provision in school.

Parents and carers are also invited to feedback on our careers programme during EHCP meetings and Parents Evenings, which guides us to plan for future career related work.