Home Learning Post 16

Post 16 Home learning Timetables

In Post 16, all the classes have a blended approach to their learning, students at home and in school are involved in remote lessons, we currently have one teacher and one TA, teaching and delivering remote lessons, via Zoom. All students have individual class sessions with their own teacher and peers, video support has been created to support ICT lessons, Students can access the videos via Class Dojo, or on their own school OneDrive VLE platform.

Post 16 have a weekly assembly, via Zoom, where we celebrate stars of the week and special mentions.

Examples of Work Completed at Home

Post 16 Roaming Reporters!

Every Friday 1 or 2 students from SSt/JBr home learning group do a NEWS REPORT based on interesting things they find in the news that week. Here is this week’s report made by James Playford.

He has read this out in our zoom meeting this morning with his BBC News as a background like a real news reporter – there are some really tricky words in there so well done James!

Keep an eye out on our website where we will post all of the reports so far, each week they have been amazing and extremely creative.

Eating a Balanced Diet

Post 16 Roaming Reporters!

The purpose of this unit is to encourage learners to develop an awareness of what is healthy eating, the benefits of it, and how to prepare balanced meals. The majority of students at home will be working on healthy food, healthy living, and the effects on the body


  • Understand what makes a balanced diet.
  • Understand what is meant by healthy eating.
  • Know how to prepare a balanced meal.
  • Understand the need for basic food hygiene.

Food a Fact of Life

Free resources for teaching young people about where food comes from, cooking, and healthy eating.