Formal Pathway

Pupils following the Formal pathway are our more independent learners.

Classes on this pathway usually have 9 pupils with 2 adults.

Students follow a subject specific curriculum under a 6 strand curriculum.

Key Stage 3 students follow a primary model and pupils stay with their form tutor for the majority of their lessons.

Key Stage 3 students on this pathway access lessons with specialist staff for PE & Fitness, Horticulture, Cooking, Art and Music.

When students on the formal pathway move into Key Stage 4 they move to a more traditional approach for a High School.

Students have a form tutor and access Specialist staff for all lessons.

At the end of Year 9 they choose ‘options’ to study accreditation for such as music, art, sport and leisure, animal care, horticulture, construction and mechanics.

Students in Key Stage 4 also work towards accreditation in English, Maths, ICT and Community Education.

Students continue with RSHE, Cooking and Shopping, PE & Fitness and Employability and Enterprise (Careers).

Blended Pathway

As some students progress through Highfield, it may be appropriate for them to access time on a different pathway.

For some students this is to access accreditation on the formal pathway. It may not be suitable for them to fully move pathway but they will join their peers for specific subjects.