Who Can I contact about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)?


KS3&4 Years 7 – 11 Rebecca Thompson

01924 264240

KS5/Post 16 Years 12- 14 Amanda Sheppard

01924 806146 Ext 2051



At Highfield school we provide a student-centred curriculum, delivered in an inclusive environment. Students develop their communication, independence and social skills to make outstanding personal progress towards their EHCP outcomes. We prepare them for the responsibilities and experiences of adult life, building resilience opportunities within the curriculum.

By doing this we aim for students to become young adults who:

  • Live independent lives
  • Have a job that they are happy with
  • Function in society
  • Have friends and relationships
  • Are safe
  • Have the best qualifications possible

Highfield School

Highfield is a local authority special school for young people age 11 to 19 with Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD). Many of our students have additional needs such as autism, speech and language difficulties, hearing or visual impairments, social emotional and mental health needs and physical difficulties.

We are prepare our students for adulthood through a curriculum which is differentiated and focuses on the students’ own Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

Curriculum and Learning

Students develop English and Math through all 6 of our curriculum areas:

  • Cognition and Thinking skills
  • Communication
  • Health
  • Personal Development
  • Independence
  • Preparation for work

Personalised learning

  • EHCP outcomes and IEP Targets
  • Accreditation

SEND Code of Practice

4 areas of need:

  • Communication & interaction
  • Cognition & learning
  • Social, emotional & mental health
  • Sensory & physical

Preparation for Adulthood

  • Preparation for independent living: having choice, control and freedom
  • Participating in society: having friends, participating, contributing
  • Being healthy
  • Preparation for Employment
  • Preparation for Higher Education

Broad Balanced Curriculum

With an equal weighting for all areas of study including specifically chosen vehicles to offer a breadth of knowledge and skills at key stage 3 and 4.