Stride Theatre delivers PSHE through the use of drama, speech and movement. We aim to cover a wide range of topics to ensure the students have valuable life skills and coping mechanisms. By using drama, improvisation and movement techniques the students have the chance to act out how situations will feel to them and what they may look like from another perspective. We also encourage openness of opinions so these can be explored and modified if needed. This has proved to be effective for many students as it is ‘real life’ which makes it more understandable for them, and as they can speak openly, they have the chance to speak for themselves. We also use games and group discussions to ensure the sessions have a variety of activities to suit every individual.

Stride Theatre use the government guidelines of the PSHE curriculum which include:

  • Themselves (Self-awareness, emotional wellbeing)
  • Relationships (friendship, families)
  • Health and safety (Healthy living, personal safety, personal hygiene)
  • Community (Environment, citizenship, rights and responsibilities, respecting differences)

Taking these into account we have developed our topics into the below headings, within each of these there are many ways to deliver each subject and we tailor our sessions to make sure they are delivered according to the groups needs, interests and goals.
We begin with basic listening, speaking and movement skills, this provides a base to work from.

Topics we cover for younger groups:

• Personal space
• Emotions
• Following rules (looking, listening, group work)
• Managing difficult situations
• Being helpful/ mature in different settings
• Personal care/ independence/ healthy living
• Personal safety
• Personal hygiene
• Environment
• Greetings
• People who help us
• Friendships/ families (qualities, resolving issues, making the right choices)
• Differences
• Community

Alongside the above for some groups we cover:

• Personal space (in more depth)
• Public and private (spaces and their bodies)
• Social media/ e-safety
• Relationships
• Expectations of others
• Truth and lies
• Differences/ choices/ opinions
• Personal hygiene
• Sex education
• Interview and references (YR11)

We have also developed a topic that takes into account the Prevent Duty.  We explore different religions then compare their similarities and differences.

These topics feed into one another and there are reoccurring themes that help the students to create a wider picture of themselves and what is around them.

We have two main statements that we say all the way through the program. These apply to all of the topics and can be used in any situation:

• Stop please, Walk away and Ask for help
• Do the right thing!

Stride Theatre have received very positive feedback from teachers, parents/ carers and students. From the completed sessions the feedback forms have all been positive and received an excellent score. A comment from a teacher was;

Thank you! You’ve been great, really clear and straightforward. And it’s been fun!