Gawthorpe Lane
West Yorkshire

Student Views


Key Stage 3:

‘Highfield is exciting’
‘Absolutely outstanding’
‘Better than Primary School’
‘Good because I can play with my friends’
‘Highfield is an adventure!’
‘Highfield makes me happy all the time’
‘I love Highfield’
‘I enjoy seeing the staff members in my class’

Key Stage 4:

‘I really like coming to Highfield school because we have a good school council and we also have chickens’

‘I think Highfield is a brilliant school because we have good teachers and we can make a lot of friends’

‘I like Highfield because it gives you good work. The teachers are amazing. My favourite lessons are Maths, Community Education and PE’

‘I like coming to Highfield school because I enjoy maths and cooking’

‘I like to see my teachers and friends at Highfield school. I feel safe in school’


Post 16:

‘Post 16 is a safe environment where the teachers push us to strive with confidence and achieve our goals for learning and work employability.’

‘I like Post 16 because the teachers and TAs are very helpful and supportive’

‘Post 16 gives us more freedom and we get to go out into the community to learn to shop and be safe’

‘I like that we get to do lots of different activities that everyone can join in and which help us get ready for college’



maximising potential for confidence and independent futures

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