Community Education

Our Community Education Programme of Study supports our young people to use the skills and knowledge they learn within the classroom out in the local community.

We use the local community facilities such as the library, post office and shops to develop independence skills and develop social communication.   Student’s work on asking  for help, speaking with clarity to a specific audience and also social customs such as manners and being respectful.

Whilst in the community we develop cognition skills.  Functional maths, for example using money, telling the time, working out how to solve a problem are all very different when not in a classroom!

Stranger danger and road safety are two important lessons which take part when in the community and students are learning to take responsibility for their own safety and practising the skills regularly is really beneficial.

Life skills is also part of our Community Education programme and being able to plan something, research it in school and then go out and do it supports our students in a range of skills they will be able to use when they leave school.  These activities may include planning a meal, shopping and then returning to cook it.

We are hoping to develop the use of public transport and hope to encourage all families to apply for a personal bus pass so students can visit the wider community within the school day.  The ability to be able to use public transport effectively is important to our students who are hoping to move on to college at 16 or 19.  Click here to apply for a bus pass.

We are working on our new Programme of Study for Community Education which will be available on here soon!